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Welcome to the most transformative period in human history!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We live today in a world of exponential technologies and accelerating breakthroughs, all of which present boundless opportunities. Accessing that opportunity, however, requires organizational evolution.

No enterprise will be able to stay alive--much less thrive--without adapting to the exponential rate of change that accelerating technologies deliver.

Welcome to the most transformative period in human history!

technologies change everything

Shift to Abundance

As exponential technologies converge and build upon one another, they bring abundance to every industry and, simultaneously, disrupt them all in one way or another.

Traditional business models work just fine in a scarcity-based environment, but they are not designed to operate in the fast-approaching world of abundance.

Exponential  technologies change everything

Becoming an Exponential Organization

Take advantage of abundance to grow faster

An Exponential Organization (ExO) is one whose impact (or output) is disproportionately large, at least 10x larger, compared to its peers because of the use of new organization techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.

Your organization's success comes from the ability to unlock the abundance delivered by emerging technologies, and readily adapt to your rapidly changing business environment.

Beware the organizational immune system! It will rally to attack your efforts to transform.

Becoming an Exponential Organization Becoming an Exponential Organization Becoming an Exponential Organization

Are you ready for a unique, exciting and rewarding journey?

Evolve your organization and suppress the immune system with an ExO Sprint.


ExO Sprint

The ExO Sprint is a tested and proven 10-week process that allows any organization to implement the ExO model to address industry disruption and overcome internal resistance to change.

Throughout the process participants are guided and coached through a series of assignments that help to reorient the organization to an exponential age and build internal champions who embed innovation and intrapreneurship within their organizations.

Kickstart your transformation

What can you achieve in just 10 weeks?

  • Find the right business model that connects you to an economy of abundance than scarcity
  • Access knowledge from outside your organization.
  • Shift the mindset within your organization from efficiency-based thinking to a focus on innovation
  • Practice using the processes, tools and techniques required for your organization to keep pace.
  • Build and retain innovation capacity within your organization
  • Change your culture through personal and professional transformation
  • Neutralize your organizational immune system
  • Predict the future by creating it
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Hannover, Germany

Exponential Transformation Book Launch: Hannover

We invite you as a leader or internal expert for the implementation of digitization, transformation, or big change projects as well as your company to the official interactive book / method presentation: "Exponential Transformation." Gain insights into the book, "Exponential Transformation" and the successful 10-week methodology (EXO Sprint) while starting discussions, asking questions, and networking. We'll also be welcoming virtual guest speaker and book co-author Salim Ismail.

Host: Edmund Komar & Luciana Ledesma

Register 5:00 CET

München, Germany

Exponential Transformation: Munich Book Launch!

Wir laden dich und dein Unternehmen zur offiziellen Buchvorstellung des neuen Buchs „Exponential Transformation“ ein.Das Buch veröffentlicht eine erfolgreich erprobte 10-wöchige Methodik, die es Top500 Forbes Unternehmen ermöglicht hat sich in eine exponentielle Organisation zu wandeln, basierend auf dem Modell des Bestsellers „Exponentielle Organisationen“ - wir nennen das ExO Sprint.In unserem Event bekommst Du aus erster Hand einen Einblick in das ExO Ecosystem.

Host: Matthias Gotz and Luciana S. Ledesma

Register 16:00 – 20:00 Uhr MEZ

Vitória (ES), Brazil

Empretec alumni meeting at Sebrae/ES

Empretec ( is a flagship capacity-building program of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for the promotion of entrepreneurship and micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) to facilitate sustainable development and inclusive growth. SEBRAE/ES will promote an Empretec alumni meeting on November 28th during PLUGUESE festival. Francisco Milagres will present the keynote speaking about the Exponential Transformation book and some cases already applied in Brazil with this methodology.

Host: Francisco Milagres

Register 13:00 - 18:00 BRST

Lavras (MG), Brazil


Evento de lançamento do livro "Exponential Transformation" promovido pela Zeester em parceria com a Inbatec e Fundecc. O evento contará com uma Transmissão ao Vivo com o autor Salim Ismail que abrirá um espaço de Perguntas e Respostas. Durante o evento serão realizadas talks de especialistas em Transformação Digital, Blockchain e o ExO Ambassador Harold S. Neto, realizador do evento.

Host: Harold S. Neto

Register 19:30 - 22:00 BRST

Madrid, Spain

Technology is disrupting the World

Today we are facing one of the biggest changes, if not the biggest, in the history of humanity: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Biotechnology, Robots, Nanomaterials, IoT, etc. While revolutions are not new in our history, it is the convergence of all of them that makes the moment in which we live unique. And its consequences are unpredictable, but surprisingly hopeful. Read More

Host: Pablo Rosa Casado

Register 6:00 - 8:00 PM CET

Madrid, Spain

From Digital Transformation to Exponential Transformation

ISDI and Kabel have the privilege of inviting you to the presentation in Madrid of " Exponential Transformation " at the hands of its co-author Francisco Palao, who will be accompanied by book collaborators and experts in methodology, such as Soledad Llorente and Alfredo Rivela . We will also have Ignacio Cuerva , CEO of the Cuerva Group, who we can ask about the experience of executing an ExO Sprint in your company. Read More

Host: Alfredo Rivela

Register 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CET


Organizations around the world are using the ExO Sprint to transform their businesses and industries


About the Authors

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Francisco Palao


Francisco is an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator with deep experience helping corporations transform. After receiving his PhD in artificial intelligence, Francisco launched several disruptive startups that led him to understand the importance of applying the right innovation methodologies together with cutting-edge technologies. He designed the ExO Sprint methodology and has been dedicated to its continual improvement and accessibility.

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Michelle Lapierre


Michelle has made a career of supporting business leadership and senior management in responding to change. As a consultant and business advisor, she has facilitated full-scale transformation in the public and private sectors through leadership, coaching and implementation support. Her work today empowers organizations to decode industry disruption using the ExO Sprint model.

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Portrait Salim


Salim is a leading technology strategist who launched the global ExO movement with his bestselling book Exponential Organizations. After studying ExOs for several years, he distilled their characteristics into the 11 attributes that comprise the ExO Sprint model. Salim provides a captivating framework for understanding how to recognize and adapt in this new age, as well as thrive within it.

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Over 200 talented individuals from more than 30 countries on all continents have contributed to the success and development of the ExO Sprint and the Exponential Transformation playbook.

  • Aanshi Desai (India)
  • Akshay Caleb Cherian (India)
  • Alexandre Janssen (Netherlands)
  • Alexis G. Herrera (Mexico)
  • Alfredo Rivela (Spain)
  • Almira Radjab (Canada)
  • Alonso Daniel Santiago Tinajero (Mexico)
  • Amy Dolin Oliver (United States)
  • Ana Victoria Vera Martinez (Spain)
  • Andrea Castelli (Italy)
  • Andreas Konrads (Germany)
  • Andreina Salamanca Carmona (Venezuela)
  • Angela Morente Cheng (United States)
  • Angel Gutiérrez Borjabad (Spain)
  • Angie Benamati (United States)
  • Anitha Vadavatha (United States)
  • Anna Malet (Spain)
  • Ann Ralston (United States)
  • Anthony Onesto (United States)
  • Armando Abraham Halbinger Pérez (Mexico)
  • Asher Hasan (Pakistan)
  • Augusto Fazioli (Italy)
  • Aviv Hassidov (Spain)
  • Barry Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Bill Johnston (United States)
  • Borja Nicolau (Spain)
  • Brad Humphries (United States)
  • Brad Konkle (United States)
  • Brinkley Warren (United States)
  • Bruce Yorga (Canada)
  • Bruno Barros (Brazil)
  • Camilo Aristizabal (Colombia)
  • Carla Bereilh (Spain)
  • Carlos Lopez Macario (Mexico)
  • Carlos Renato Belo Azevedo (Brazil)
  • Carlo van de Weijer (Netherlands)
  • Carmen Pardo Noguera (Spain)
  • Cesar Castro (United States)
  • Charlotte Serres (France)
  • Che Fehrenbach (Canada)
  • Chelu Martín (Spain)
  • Christian Andrés Diaz León (Colombia)
  • Christian Miranda Estepa (Spain)
  • Christian von Stengel (Germany)
  • Christophe Jurczak (France)
  • Cira Roses Rebollar (Spain)
  • Dr. Clarence Tan (Australia)
  • Claudio Platto (Italy)
  • Corina Almagro (United States)
  • Courtney Blair (United States)
  • Cristina Estavillo (Spain)
  • Dale S. Ironson PhD (United States)
  • Daleyne Guay (Canada)
  • Daniel Marcos (Mexico)
  • Daniel Robledo Quijano (Colombia)
  • David Gil Mayoral (Panama)
  • David Orban (Italy)
  • David Roberts (United States)
  • David Villeda Paz (Mexico)
  • Deniz Noyan (United Kingdom)
  • Derek McLean (United Kingdom)
  • Diego Gosselin Ruiz Maza (Mexico)
  • Diego Soroa (Spain)
  • Edmund Komar (Germany)
  • Edson Carillo (Brazil)
  • Eduardo Labarca Fuentes (Chile)
  • Eduardo V. C. Neves (Brazil)
  • Edwin Moreno (Mexico)
  • Emerson Perez (United States)
  • Emilie Sydney-Smith (United States)
  • Emili Serra (Spain)
  • Erick W. Contag (United States)
  • Eric Parkin (United States)
  • Eugenio Marin Fernandez (Spain)
  • Eva María Hidalgo Ruiz (Spain)
  • Evo Heyning (United States)
  • Fabrice Testa (Luxembourg)
  • Farnaz Ghadaki (Canada)
  • Fernando Cruz (Canada)
  • Floor Scheffer (Netherlands)
  • Francisco Jurado Povedano (Spain)
  • Francisco Milagres (Brazil)
  • Gary Ralston (United States)
  • German Montoya (United States)
  • Giang Nguyen (Vietnam)
  • Gina Mitchell (United States)
  • Ginés Haro Pastor (Spain)
  • Ginger Hildebrand (United States)
  • Gordon Vala-Webb (Canada)
  • Guayente San Martin (Spain)
  • Guilherme Soarez (Brazil)
  • Harold Schultz Neto (Brazil)
  • Heather Rutherford (Denmark)
  • Henrik Bo Larsen (Denmark)
  • Hugo Espejo (Mexico)
  • Ignacio J. Lizarralde (Argentina)
  • Irmin Juarico (Mexico)
  • Ivan Bofarull (Spain)
  • Ivan M. Ibañez (Mexico)
  • Ivan Ortenzi (Italy)
  • Jabeen Quadir (Canada)
  • Jack Sim (Singapore)
  • Jackelyn Perea Velasquez (Peru)
  • Jacques Malan (South Africa)
  • Jaime Ramirez (United States)
  • Jakob Damsbo (Denmark)
  • Jared East (United States)
  • Jaroslav Dokoupil (United Kingdom)
  • Jason Yotopoulos (United States)
  • Javier Megias (Spain)
  • Javier Rincón (Mexico)
  • Jay Elshaug (United States)
  • Jennifer van der Meer (United States)
  • Jerry Michalski (United States)
  • Jesús Candón (Spain)
  • Jhon M. Mantilla (Ecuador)
  • Jm Ibáñez (Spain)
  • João Rocha (Brazil)
  • Joaquin Serra (Spain)
  • Joel Dietz (United States)
  • John Hart (United States)
  • John N. Kelly (United States)
  • Jon Kruger (United States)
  • Jordi Wiegerinck (Brazil)
  • Jordy Egging (Netherlands)
  • Jorus Everaerd (Netherlands)
  • José Antonio de Miguel (Spain)
  • Jose Luis Cordeiro (Venezuela)
  • Josué Gomes de Alencar (Brazil)
  • Juan José Pelñez Llaca (Mexico)
  • Juan Miguel Mora (United States)
  • Juan Ramón Ortiz Herrera (Mexico)
  • Kaila Colbin (New Zealand)
  • Karina Besprosvan (United States)
  • Kashif Hasnie (United States)
  • Katrina Kent (United States)
  • Kazunori Saito (Japan)
  • Kent Langley (United States)
  • Kerin Morrison (United States)
  • Kevin Jasmin (United States)
  • Kevin John Noble (United States)
  • Kiriakos "Kirk" Evangeliou (United States)
  • Kristina María Troiano-Gutierrez (United States)
  • Kunitake Saso (Japan)
  • Lâle Başarır (Turkey)
  • Lara Kudryk Traska (United States)
  • Lars Heidemann (Germany)
  • Lars Lin Villebaek (Denmark)
  • Laurent Boinot (Canada)
  • Leila Entezam (United States)
  • Len Koerts (Spain)
  • Len Nanjad (Canada)
  • Luciana Soledad Ledesma (United Kingdom)
  • Luis Francisco Palma Alvarez (Mexico)
  • Luis Gonzalez-Blanch (Spain)
  • Luis Marriott Chávez (Ecuador)
  • Luis Matias Rodriguez (South Africa)
  • Luis Matias Rodriguez (South Africa)
  • Marc Bonavia (Spain)
  • Marcio Chaer (Brazil)
  • Marc Morros Camps (Spain)
  • Marconi Pereira (Brazil)
  • Marcus Shingles (United States)
  • Maria Elizabeth Zapata (Spain)
  • Maria Mujica (Argentina)
  • Mario López de Ávila Muñoz (Spain)
  • Marta De las Casas (Spain)
  • Martin S. Garcia Wilhelm (Mexico)
  • Mary Bennett (United States)
  • Matias Guerra (Spain)
  • Matt Brodman (United States)
  • Matthias Gotz (Germany)
  • Michal Monit PhD (Poland)
  • Miguel Almena (United States)
  • Mike Lingle (United States)
  • Mila Vukojevic (Canada)
  • Nabyl Charania (United States)
  • Nadeem Bukhari (United Kingdom)
  • Nell Watson (Belgium)
  • Novel Tjahyadi (United Arab Emirates)
  • Olga Calvache (United States)
  • Oliver Heesch (United Kingdom)
  • Oscar A. Martinez Valero (Mexico)
  • Oscar Schmitz (Argentina)
  • Pablo Angel Restrepo (Colombia)
  • Paco Ramos (Spain)
  • Patrick Bertrand (Canada)
  • Patrik Sandin (China)
  • Paul Epping (Netherlands)
  • Paul J. Prusa (United States)
  • Paul Niel (Hong Kong)
  • Pedro Gabay Villafaña (Mexico)
  • Pedro López Sela (Mexico)
  • Pedro Pinho (United States)
  • Peter Bjorn Eriksen (Denmark)
  • Peter Kristof PhD (Hungary)
  • Peter Maarten Westerhout (Netherlands)
  • Rachel Bradford (United States)
  • Ralf Bamert (Switzerland)
  • Ramon Vega Ainsa (Spain)
  • Raquel Martinez Jimenez (Spain)
  • Raúl Raya (Spain)
  • Renato Xavier de Lima (Brazil)
  • René de Paula Jr. (Brazil)
  • Riaan Singh (South Africa)
  • Ricardo Barros Villaça (Brazil)
  • Richard de Jeu (Netherlands)
  • Rob Blaauboer (Netherlands)
  • Robert Coop PhD (United States)
  • Roberto Nogueira (Brazil)
  • Rob Gonda (United States)
  • Rodrigo G. Castro (Costa Rica)
  • Roger Romance Hernandez (Spain)
  • Rolf Ask Clausen (Denmark)
  • Ross Thornley (United Kingdom)
  • Samantha McMahon (Canada)
  • Santiago Campos Cervera (Paraguay)
  • Sasha Grujicic (Canada)
  • Satomi Yoshida (Japan)
  • Shawn Cruz (United States)
  • Simone Bhan Ahuja (United States)
  • Soledad Llorente Cancho (Spain)
  • Soul Patel (United Kingdom)
  • Soushiant Zanganehpour (Canada)
  • Stanley S. Byers (United States)
  • Stephen Lang (United States)
  • Steve Shirmang (United States)
  • Sunil Malhotra (India)
  • Susan Moller (United States)
  • Tai Cheng (United States)
  • Teodor V. Panayotov (Bulgaria)
  • Thomas Fiumara (Italy)
  • Todd Porter (Japan)
  • Tom Anderson (United States)
  • Tommaso Canonici (Italy)
  • Tony Manley (United Kingdom)
  • Tony Saldanha (United States)
  • Trae Ashlie-Garen (Canada)
  • Tristan Kromer (United States)
  • Tunc Noyan (United Kingdom)
  • Vanessa Belmonte (United States)
  • Vincent Daranyi (United Kingdom)
  • Wayne Jin (United States)
  • Wolfgang Merkt (United Kingdom)
  • Xavier Bruch (Spain)
  • Xavier Olivella (Spain)
  • Yan-Erik Decorde (France)
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